A note from student, John Chismar:

Greetings Jeff, Rob, Eoin & Larissa,
Thank you for a fantastic course; a great time was had and I learned a lot. The hard work you've put in preparing the course is deeply appreciated. The impressive fact of drying and milling the walnut on location adds value on many levels including environmental and sentimental. Understanding the full scope of project preparation is impossible and knowing the four of you succeeded in the task is commendable.
Thank your sharing your cache of beautiful cherry veneer and demonstrating
not only how to work the material, but to also take a moment to consider composition and flow. I am looking forward to completing the cabinet and applying linseed oil and tung oil. The play of light on the piece will certainly fill any room with magic.
As you know, I thoroughly enjoy visiting your workshop and consider your courses a vacation. It is satisfying to learn from great instructors in a workshop using brain with hands minus the burden of planning the destination or journey. The workshop setting, both indoors and out, encourages the gratefulness of life, beauty and nature. Chickens, horses and dogs are the icing on the cake – and I like icing.
Thank you for opening your doors to the student jambalaya of mixed age and skill. Teaching requires a special patience to balance the havoc created by scant and, especially, proud levels of student shop expertise. I get a rush when noticing an instructor pause to examine my work on a machine and satisfactorily continuing their stride, confirming I’m not screwing
anything up.
You all are family to me; certainly you’re told that a lot. You have something that is quite special, magical. The Lohr experience replenishes ambitions beyond the woodworking shop. Knowing someone can successfully chase a dream and thrive is inspiring; it is a reminder of what fun, hard work and persistence can accomplish.