Photo: Philadelphia Furniture Show

I'm an instructor here at the Lohr School of Woodworking and a furniture maker at the Lohr Woodworking Studio. 

I began my career in woodworking as an apprentice to Jeffry Lohr in 2006.  I quickly took to the craft by spending all of my free time in the workshop.  By 2008 I was making custom commissioned pieces for clients across the nation and in 2009 showed my work for the first time with great success.

Over the past few years, I've produced two classes with Craftsy and have written several articles for Woodcraft Magazine. 

My own furniture work is heavily influenced by the work of the master, Jeff Lohr.  He has taught me so much, and his methods and techniques inform much of my output.  My work moves on from where Jeff left off in his Arts and Crafts inspired work.  Common to our work is a beautiful presentation of the natural materials we work with. 

Arts & Crafts is a term that most associate with rectilinear, boxy furniture made from white oak.  The original Britsh Arts & Crafts movement was so much more than that.  The movement was a social one much more than an aesthetic.  The ideal is to find joy in working with your hands and to let that joy become evident in your work.  That's my goal more than anything.


You can see some of me and my work in the slideshow below...