Eoin O’Neill has been making things all his life. He moved to the United States from Britain in 2003, bringing with him an enduring interest in, and admiration for the British Arts & Crafts movement. He first met Jeff Lohr in 2007; since when he has been making custom furniture and teaching woodworking at the Lohr School of Woodworking. He has a particular interest in the mechanics of woodworking and is never happier than when contemplating complex joints built to the highest precision possible.

As a qualified Civil Engineer, all materials fascinate him. Wood is of course, the original and most enduring of all engineering materials, but it is its organic nature, its inherent beauty, its workability and its astonishing variety and variability that ultimately attracts him. There is an art to creating things from wood that transcends the mathematics and predictable analysis that goes into construction using more commonplace materials.

Music is his other passion, and not unnaturally, music and wood came together many years ago in the design and fabrication of musical instruments. This somewhat specialist niche within the broader woodworking genre gives Eoin the opportunity to combine his creative talents and his meticulous nature in the creation of functional, beautiful and timeless pieces that satisfy at a musical as well as aesthetic level.