Works In Progress 1/25

Donald Trump cannot stop me from sharing the beautiful things we've got going in the shop over the last few weeks.

The Lewis Settle

I finished this guy up this week and put the oil on.  Whoa!!!  That's some nice cherry.  For about eight years, I pointed out this long straight cherry board in my "Sawmill Etiquette" demonstration.  The point is to save long, straight stock for when you need it.  Last week was the time.  The leather came in from our supplier, Anne will be by next week to pick up the spring deck and we'll be delivering a sofa to a proud new owner in about a month.

Coffee Tables

Larissa made up the new forms and we're gluing up.  We use polyurethane glue for bent makes for a big mess.  We soak the laminates in hot water before bending.  This makes them a little more willing to bend without cracking.  The glue is activated by water, so it works out well. 

The veneer came in over the weekend and was there waiting for me on Monday morning.  That walnut is crazy.  As I started working with it I realized that it needed to be softened.  Too wavy and crinkly.  It makes it impossible to work with.  I sprayed it down with a veneer softening solution and it's being pressed flat now.  The paper towels go in between layers to soak up the moisture.  I remove them, let them dry out, and then put them back to press overnight.

And in other news...

I picked up some wood from under a customers back porch and loaded it into the kiln.
Larissa is making a very fancy, carved cross.
There was another beautiful sunrise.
We have sharp blades!
My chair is nearing completion.

We have our Weekend Warrior class over the next two weekends, so look out for some fun stories from class!