Cancellation Policy For Enrolled Students at The Lohr School of Woodworking - Advanced Joinery 201


Should any student wish and/or need to cancel their enrollment in any given course at the Lohr School of Woodworking their tuition and materials fees will be refunded in full less a $100 administrative fee for the courseprovided such cancellation is made at least 60 calendar days in advance of the actual starting date of the course.   Cancellation must be done in writing by either email to or regular US Postal service mail.  

Cancellation 60 calendar days in advance of the start date of any course are refunded in full, less theadministrative fee, within 10 days following written cancellation of enrollment.  Cancellation less than 60 days in advance of run date are forfeit regardless of reasons for cancellation.  Appropriate and clear reasons for ridged enforcement of this policy are outlined as below and are not subject to negotiation.  Cancellations are defined as failure or inability to attend all or any part, day, or hour of the reserved course in which the student is enrolled regardless of reason be it illness, accident, medical related, death, death of another, auto breakdown, act of God, and/or act of another.  The terms of this forfeiture of tuition in cases of student cancellation remains in effect through the final day of the course. 

In the remote chance of a need for the Lohr School of Woodworking itself to cancel any given class due to serious illness, fire, or catastrophic loss that would make the course impossible to run on the dates designated, all students enrolled in the cancelled class will have their choice of a full and complete refund of tuition and materials fees or the option of a rescheduled offering of the same course on a later scheduled date that is agreeable to the attending student.  In such a remote circumstance as the Lohr Woodworking School actually canceling one of it's course offerings, choice of full refund or rescheduling to another date is at the discretion and preference of the attending student.  



In consideration of the cost to produce any given course at the Lohr School of Woodworking the implementation and rigid enforcement of our 60 calendar day advanced notice cancellation policy has become necessary for us to invoke.  Our course offerings become unprofitable whenever we have situations where any course runs with less than the full compliment of students.  It should be understood by the enrolled student that regular studio operations are halted the week before any given course offering in preparation for that course as well as significant disruption to regular studio operations to reorganize the shop for regular production work the week following the running of any course.  This production cost is a constant in terms of payroll for 3 professional full time instructors, workers compensation insurance, overhead, and very significant liability insurance premiums to enable us to offer this very special fully hands on machine based course.  Unless each course runs with it's full compliment of students, the course loses profitability which is key to enable it to be offered. This policy is nonnegotiable for the same reason airlines do not issue refunds for passengers missing their flight for any reason.  Cost to fly the plane in fuel and overhead from one destination to another remains the same whether any seat is full or empty.  Additionally, same as in a reserved woodworking course bench position, others were turned away on the flight in order to reserve the seat for the passenger. Whether the vacated reservation is called a seat or a workbench, the situation is the same.  



Rights of students canceling an enrollment. Students If it becomes necessary for a student to cancel an enrollment on shorter than the required 60 calendar day advanced notice period, students are permitted to give and/or sell their vacated position to a friend or family member of adult age of 18 years or older on a replacement basis for their bench position. It is however required that the name and full contact information of the replacement student and their personal submission of the waiver of liability form attached to the registration agreement be supplied to J.D.Lohr Woodworking Inc within 48 hours in advance of the replacement student's attendance to the course.


Locating and Rescheduling Other Replacement Students by J.D. Lohr Woodworking Inc. 

With regard to a seemingly high interest level of students seeking enrollment andthe popularity of our school offerings,, the reality is that any bench position truly becomes enormously difficult to fill when cancellations come in on relatively short notice (less than the required 60 day notice requirement for cancellations).  It is in fact truly the exception that most people seeking to enroll can arrange vacation time, change plans with family commitments etc. for a full week-long commitment in their life on short notice.  It is nice to think it can happen but the reality is quite the opposite and it becomes very difficult to manage any and all short notice replacement student events. Therefore, cancellation less than the required 60 day period severely limits our ability to locate and assign a replacement enrollee in such short notice applications.  Such a less than 60 day advanced notice cancellation result in a loss of opportunity for us to market and fill the vacated position, therefore the tuition paid by the attending student becomes forfeit. 


Rescheduling or Reapplying Students Tuition Towards a Future Course

If a student should need to cancel an enrollment and does so in advance properly honoring the 60 day required notification cutoff date, the attending student may request first priority reassignment to a later in the year course date if such a date is available. The canceling student is free to elect this option or have their tuition and materials fee be refunded in full less the noted $100 administrative fee within 10 business days.  Again, such a trade out of course assignment or refund will only apply to cancellations made properly and in advance of the 60 calendar day advanced notice cancellation requirement.   

In the case of a student cancellation at a time less than the 60 day notice period, the tuition is nontransferable to any later date enrollment and remains forfeit.  It should be easy to understand that regardless of the number of enrolled students that show up and/or have paid for the week of any given course, the cost to produce the course remains exactly the same for Lohr Woodworking from a business end whether only 4 students or even the full compliment of 11 actually show up. The reality is that we depend on a full compliment of tuitions to offer any given course.  Even though it has been over some length of time, others have indeed been turned away in order to honor any given reservation.  In simple terms, it is again a case of loss of opportunity to market and sell the reserved bench position which becomes very difficult to impossible to fill on short term cancellation notice.